Smite Builds


I would like to welcome you to my website. It was created during a HTML and CSS project of the complementary subject informatics. This website is about one of my favourite video games called "Smite". Like every other MOBA, Smite consists of different playable characters, here refered as "Gods". During the course of the game, the player has a great range of items, he can buy. As a pretty casual player, I don't like buying the same items every game, but experimenting with item builds. That's why i came up with some more or less useful item builds that I want to share on here. Currently, not all gods are represented, but the number might grow in the future.


Do never try any of those builds in ranked gamemodes!
The builds are just for fun and might cause bad performances and even toxicity among teammates.
I assure no liability!

For competitively viable builds check Smitejunkies or