Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Trading


Since I am interested in football and I like playing the game FIFA 16, I decided to make a website about trading in Fifa Ultimate Team in the complementary subject informatics.

What exactly is Fifa Ultimate Team?

Since the 2009-edition of Fifa, the gamemode Ultimate Team is included in every yearly edition. At the beginning you get a starter team and the goal is to work the way to the top by building better teams. There is an in-game economy included, where you can buy and sell players, club items and consumables like for example contracts. The currency used in this economy is called "coins", which can be gained by playing games or trading with items on the transfer market. Of course, better players are worth more coins and thus everyone is keen on making more coins, because you either buy the players on the transfer market or you try to improve your team by opening packs. Packs are paid with coins or points (which can be bought with real money) and are like a gamble since you only get a set of random players. On this website, I try to put together the, in my opinion, most effective trading methods.

A little remark.

Fifa is available for different consoles (Xbox, Playstation) and for the PC. More people play the game on consoles than on PC, what makes it a little bit harder to trade on the PC since there are less items which can be traded. Nevertheless, I play the game on the PC and the trading methods described on this website have been working for me.

Now, let's get started. Simply choose your amount of coins in the navigation bar and get to know a fitting method.


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