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An experimental filmmaking group Located in the east of Switzerland Short films Idk what to put here but I want to have 4 pictures

About us

Trying to get the best out of the camera . . .

... but not succeeding. We are a bunch of young filmmakers who aim to deliver a small message to the viewers but mainly to entertain them.

Lucas Ackermann Ying-Kai Dang

Name: Lucas Ackermann
Age: 18
Role: Director
Hobbies: drums, travel, photography, scout

We are only 5 hours behind schedule? Awesome!

Name: Ying-Kai Dang
Age: 18
Role: Director of Photography
Hobbies: guitar, computer, basketball, track and field

I need a break, the camera is too heavy...


  • Ying-Kai on motorcycle
    Ying-Kai on motorcycle
  • Ying-Kai tired
    Ying-Kai tired
  • On set Dreamer
    On set Dreamer
  • On set Dreamer
    On set Dreamer
  • Sony Camera
    Sony Camera
  • Lucas being artsy
    Lucas being artsy
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    Square root of 36